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Compte Swap free

40%Add 40% to your deposit
We offer a 40% bonus for every deposit, no size limits!

Advantages of Swap Free accounts

You don't pay fees for the transfer of positions through the midnight on a Swap Free account.
Over 400 trading instruments.
Multi-currency account with a leverage up to 1:500.
Open a Swap Free account with one click in your Private Office.
You can have different trading accounts at the same time at Grand Capital, both swap-free and with swaps.

What is Swap Free?

Exchange rates change every day, which is why a difference appears when transferring a position to the next day. This difference is expressed in swaps, and in a way can be considered a payment for the transfer of a position.

If you employ long-term strategies, swaps can negatively affect your trading results. Swap Free account gives you an opportunity to trade long-term without swaps.

How to start making money with a Swap Free account

Make a deposit using any convenient payment method.
To start in Forex, you'll need a trading platform. Download MetaTrader 4 or open WebTrader to trade right in your browser.
Choose a strategy, an instrument, and place your first trade.
Profit you made from trading can be withdrawn using any convenient method. We guarantee fast transfers of any amounts.

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